Sierra Leone is a West African country. Its coastal low lands climb to mountain uplands in the east. Its climate is tropical with warm temperatures. Sierra Leone offers opportunities to those who enjoy the out-of-doors and wildlife. Three of the country’s outstanding attractions are Outamba-Kilmi National Park, Mt. Bintumani and the Banana Islands.

The Outamba-Kilimi National Park is an expanse of rain forest and savannas that have varied wildlife include colobus monkeys, mangabeys, chimpanzees, buffalo, elephants, bongo antelopes, hippos and possibly lions. The park is divided into two portions. In the north, the Outamba has a diverse landscape of rain forests, grasslands, gently sloping hills and flood plains. Rivers run through this section. The Kilmi segment is flatter. At the park office, huts made of thatch look out over the Little Scarcies River. Guides are available for tracking elephants. It is possible to paddle a canoe out to view hippopotami or climb bird towers to watch the birds.

Banana Islands, located southeast from the peninsula from Freetown, provide snorkelling and diving to visitors. Off the shores are coral reefs and cannon from a Portuguese shipwreck. The shell of a church from the 1880s and slave docks are on the northern end of the island in Dublin. Visitors can reach the island by way of a fishing boat hired at Tokeh Village.

Mt. Bintumani or Loma Mansa is the highest mountain in Sierra Leone, reaching over 6000 feet. On a clear day, the view from the top is outstanding. On the lower hills, the Loma Mountain Forest Reserve safeguards the rainforest on the inclines. Visitors will be able to view wildlife, including several types of monkeys, elephants and bongos within the mountain area. In the grasslands close to 5,000 feet, visitors can view buffaloes, wart hogs, duikers, baboons, and porcupines. The rufous fishing owls, dwarf crocodiles, and pygmy hippopotamuses, which are all endangered animals, dwell along the rivers. The most picturesque direction to the mountain is from the west from the village of Yifin, a walk of four days, from Kabvala or Kurubonla near Freetown